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How is this a bad thing?

The Republicans are great. In an atrotiously designed section of one of their websites they’ve compiled a load of statistics about mankind’s potential saviour. (How accurate they are I have no idea, but we’ll assume moderately to give the GOP the benefit of the doubt).

I must confess here to being one of those people who fails to see how “liberal” could possibly be interpreted as a bad thing, so mayhap I’m a tad biased? But even so, pretty much all the “facts” given here can surely only be good things?

What it basically says is that he disagrees with Bush most of the time, is against judicial killing, wants to protect the environment, provide women with freedom of choice, help out people at the bottom of the economic ladder, provide some kind of federal healthcare for the poor, can acknowledge when mistakes have been made, is against repressive and unconstitutional laws, thinks education reform requires proper funding, thinks persecuting a poverty-stricken country with sanctions because of an outdated political disagreement is wrong but thinks repressive and fascistic states should be subject to sanctions, thinks trade agreements should have environmental and labour protection clauses attached, would only appoint Supreme Court Justices who acknowledge current US law, is opposed to funding outdated defence systems, etc. etc. etc.

The man may be dull, but he has a lot of opinions I can happily agree with. Shame I’m not entitled to vote, really…

But seriously, can someone please explain to me how any of the above views are bad?

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