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Europe to Bush: Go Away

The San Francisco Chronicle wins today’s best headline award, as well as the award for stating the bloody obvious. A majority of Europeans would prefer to see Bush lose in November? Well I never!

Meanwhile, oil prices hit a record high – largely thanks to the foreign policies of failed ex-oilman George W Bush – and the world continues to go to hell. The only people who can save us all are the US voters who seem incapable of deciding who’s better to have as a head of state – a recovering alcoholic religious fundamentalist (who happens to be fairly charismatic) or a genuinely intelligent and reasonable war hero (who happens to be a bit dull).

And so, on this side of the Atlantic, the EU vs US debate will continue to hot up over the weeks leading up to the inevitable Bush victory, as Europe collectively shits itself at the prospect of four more years of the man’s warmongeringly disasterous foreign policy. In the Guardian, Roy Hattersley argues not just that a European superstate is inevitable, but that it’s a good thing (something EU-Serf evidently has some strong opinions about), and EU Referendum counters with a pro-America, anti-Labour diatribe.

Yep, in the absence of a US President that anyone other than the most rabid political maniacs can agree with (failed Tory party leader Iain Duncan-Smith on why Bush is great here – reg required), the Euro squabbles are going to continue for a fair while yet.

Who knows? Perhaps if (when) Bush gets his second term the sheer horror may be enough for the eurosceptics to overcome their aversion to their European cousins. Four more years of helping the US blow the living hell out of third world countries while being rewarded by trade embargos, increased pollution and ever-increasing risks of terrorist retaliation may just be enough to demonstrate that maybe the “Special Relationship” isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be…

Could Bush inadvertantly end up the saviour of the European project? Could this be the silver lining of the Bush presidency that we’ve all been searching for for so long?

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