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All Quiet on the Western Front

Most US news sources seem, understandably, preoccupied with coverage of the third anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster. Having said that, there is a good deal of coverage of other major events, from scary rumours of an imminent North Korean nuclear test on the New York Times to the sentencing of a culprit / scapegoat in the Abu Gharib prison scandal in the Washington Post.

Of course, the other big story in the Atlantic at the moment is Hurrican Ivan, predicted to ravage te Cayman Islands and Cuba but currently doing its worst to Jamaica. Hurricane season is pretty much the only time the Carribean (with the exception of Cuba) gets global news coverage. Indeed, the only stories from this region to really wash up on British shores have been the usual debates about Jamaica’s attitude towards the death penalty (which appears to have softened in recent months) and over the homophobic lyrics of dancehall stars such as Beenie Man. As a James Bond enthusiast I was gratified to see that The Daily (now Jamaica) Gleaner is still in existence. When the currect storm passes, it might be worth making a 3/4 of the year resolution not to totally disregard this region when it isn’t suffering rampant devestation.

This has been a rather erratic post, which I attribute to the stinking head cold I am currently nursing. By way of apologies, for anyone in London tomorrow, why not check out a free screening of Battelship Potemkin with live score by the Pet Shop Boys in Trafalgar Square.

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