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�One of the greatest acts of political plagiarism ever�

Yep, Twatty McTwatface is at it again, accusing Michael Howard of nicking his wonderful ideas on immigration. (The fact that the UKIP’s immigration policy which Howard has supposedly pinched was itself copied off Canada and Australia seems to have been conveniently forgotten. But Kilroy’s never been one for understatement, let’s face it.)

Howard is a disaster. I doubt I need to explain why beyond point out that the Tories have singularly failed to make any significant gains in the polls despite Labour continuing to go through one of its most disasterous and unpopular periods in office. They’re getting desperate, and still vainly trying to appeal to the right when they should be trying to win over the centre, where the majority of swing voters lie.

This latest wheeze also means the Tories now openly and consciously share policies with fascists. Because the UKIP are fascists, make no mistake. Cuddly ones, maybe, but biggoted, racist fucks all the same. Considering Howard’s Jewish heritage, you’d think he’d know better.

Oh, but sorry – I’m being ignorant. The UKIP “are not racist. We vehemently and vigorously reject all racist language and action. We will not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of race � or colour or creed, or indeed age or sex. We will be oustpoken in condemning racism wherever and whenever it occurs.”

So that’s alright then. And it’s good to see that they’re so critical of racism that they’d never ponder hiring anyone who, say, got sacked from two jobs for writing a racist article in a piss-poor national newspaper.

Hiring Kilroy’s certainly got the UKIP a lot more press than they deserve. But his high-profile and tendency to speak out without permission seems to be getting on their tits – why else would they issue a press release stating “We wish to make it crystal clear that Roger Knapman is the Leader of the UK Independence Party”?

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