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Did anywhere in the UK report this?

“Top diplomats and officials from thirteen countries in the Danube region met in Bucharest during July for the 2nd Ministerial Conference of the Danube Co-operation Process. The focus was on the Danube’s role as a future internal river of the EU, as a main communications and transportation link between the North Sea and the Black Sea, and as a European space, with countries sharing the same democratic principles, values and objectives, despite different stages of economic development and a complex historical legacy.”

As a few newspapers suggested before Europe’s expansion back when we still thought we might get a summer, the focus of Europe could be shifting eastwards. I thought Britain (and, indeed, Western Europe as a whole) was meant to be cultivating these new member states and their neighbours to get them to play ball?

Instead, the only representative of Western Europe at the conference was the German Ambassador to Romania.

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