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I’ve been rather busy over recent months

Hence no updates. But I think I may have found some renewed motivation.

The first part of this came thanks to browsing through the utterly unpolitical website of themanwhofellasleep, a telented chap whom I met via b3ta, and with whom I may shortly be working on a book project. He’s kept his site going for years – I’ve known of it for at least three, probably more – and has built up a decent cult following.

The second is thanks to another bloke met via b3ta, the lovely Tim Ireland, often better known as Manic, who is the highly dedicated man behind Bloggerheads. He took the piss out of me, I called him rude names, then I started actually reading his site properly, having been aware of it for ages. It is irritatingly good.

Third, I checked out the often interesting and superbly named A Fistful of Euros, and found this blog linked there. Under the “left wing” category. Which confused me briefly, but then I suppose I do link to The Guardian rather a lot… Either way, the fact someone had noticed this and thought it worth linking to made me think it might be worth pursuing.

Finally, I checked the blog of a real-life friend of mine, which was started about the same time as I first experimented with blogging a couple of years ago. Disgustingly, he’s kept it going all this time, while I have let umpteen blogs vanish into the ether (there are about three I can’t even remember the addresses of).

As I’ve been moderately successful in keeping my jokey, nonsensical b3ta blog going for the last few months (it takes far less time to keep going than this one due to far less thinking), I reckon it’s time to start this one up properly again.

Anyway, I’ve given it a redesign (in lovely EU colours, no less), and added comments and post linking, just in case anyone’s interested. I would put in a links section down the side, but I can’t for the life of me work out how. If anyone does actually read this, let me know either via comments or email (nosemonkey (AT SYMBOL) – I’d appreciate it.

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