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Defending British culture?

The Guardian reports that the right-wing thinktank Civitas is launching its own primary school to preserve “British culture”.

It’s a primary school. Yet apparently “The final aim of education is the formation of strong moral character, good manners, and the develop�ment of well-informed judgement. Good citizenship is not a subject of the school curriculum, but an aspect of conduct and behaviour that arises from knowledge of the foundations of the culture, its history, values, and institutions.” The children are 4-5 years old. Are they actually aware of their own national identity at this age? I’m pretty certain I wasn’t.

This is not to mention Civitas’ record on pronouncing against immigration (pdf), Europe and single parent families in statistic-ridden pamphlets designed to appeal to the Daily Mail‘s leader writers and confuse the actual facts.

Now is it just the liberal in me, or does this sound just a tad like they want to brainwash these little kiddies at a nice early age, and produce a generation of little Oswald Mosleys?

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