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Can I sue Iain Dale?

Being labelled a left-wing blogger in Iain Dale’s latest unscientific guide to the world of British blogging is one thing (though something I was not alone in thinking was somewhat odd – check the comments below that list). Sometimes I do go a bit lefty – just as sometimes I go a bit right-wing (mostly economically, but still). A casual reader could be forgiven for getting the wrong impression.

But I’ve just had a gander at the full version (warning – PDF) – and he’s got me down as a Labour blogger.

I’ve been doing this blogging business for long enough not to take these things too seriously, as – like busses – there’ll be another one along in a minute. (Only 155th best political blog in the UK according to that list? Meh – last month I was named blog of the month by the UK Good Web Guide, whatever that is. Best blog lists are ten a penny.)

But still. Me? A LABOUR blogger? That’s one insult too far.

I am not, nor ever have been, a member of ANY political party. Indeed, I hate the very concept of political parties. At the London elections back in May I voted for four different parties in the end, allocating those votes largely on the basis of the individual politicians concerned. That post, please note, has been (for reasons that escape me) in the “Most Popular Posts” section to the right there for the last couple of months. Anyone confused as to my political leanings could have found out in just a couple of seconds that I am not a party beast.

I rarely get too riled by online insults – but this isn’t just an insult, it’s a slander. A libel. I’ve long prided myself on my lack of party affiliation – to the extent that, on principle, I refused to join the party of the MP I worked for at the House of Commons. Especially in the current climate, with Labour ever more embarrassing in its ineptitude, I am not at all pleased.


  1. I think it’s tough to place you in one or two neat categories and certainly not on the left-right continuum. Your approach, as most people’s, is informed by your prior convictions, but still the writing here does not claim to know the TRUTH, and is open to debate.

    Dale’s post is an unfortunate reality of the blogosphere. On the other hand, it may attract new readers to this blog.

  2. The reason why i read your blog is because it is a bloody good read and very informative.
    Dont let the blog award thingys get to you!

  3. If I had to pin an ideological badge on this blog, I’d have said it was written by a classical liberal One Nation Conservative, but not in the sense of any loyalty to the Conservative party (which only really espoused such a position for a short period in the early-mid 90s – maybe it’s back in vogue under Cameron, but I don’t know what to think of him at the moment), more in terms of general philosophy. Of course, nowadays people seem to have forgotten that raving Euroscepticism isn’t a prerequisite of being right-of-centre, and that ‘liberal’ doesn’t mean ‘left’ or vice versa (especially considering the current government’s authoritarian credentials).

  4. Taking into account that this is, to a large extend, a blog about EU and European affairs, labelling it “Labour” is in any case missing the point since national party affiliations do not tell much about positions on many European questions…

  5. He’s got me down on the left-wing list as being Labour as well, although he managed to get me down as LW on the overall list. As I said on Iain’s, regardless of the mistakes, you deserved to come much higher and if I’d bothered to vote you would have been near the top of my list.

  6. This is Britian, maybe you can use our insane libel laws to shut Iain Dale down! ;)

  7. “I rarely get riled..”

    I haven`t been doing the job properly then.

  8. its probably because you talk and are interested about Europe….anybody who does this has got to be a ‘Europhile’ and got to be centre-left and therefore not Tory as what Dale is..maybe

  9. will you be standing for Veritas?