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Wordpress help needed

I seem to be having a problem with the Wordpress WYSIWYG entry system thingie – to wit, when entering link codes, it frequently seems to alter the code after I click “publish” or “save”, usually buggering them up. So, should I enter the usual HTML “a href” code, it’ll whack an “x” in, making it a (useless) “a xhref” code. And if I inster the usual target=”_blank” to make the link open in a new window, it’ll reformat the code to appear between the “a” and the “href”.

And that’s before I even get started on the occasional oddness of suddenly re-formatting half the post into bold text, inserting superfluous line breaks, or randomly turning an entire post into a (non-functional) link for no apparent reason.

Anyone got any ideas what the hell’s gone wrong?


  1. Um, as far as I could ever tell, the WP WYSIWYG editor is a pile of steaming crap – remarkably so considering how good WP is in almost every other respect – and the best thing to do with it is just turn it off, which you can do by un-checking the 'Use the visual rich editor when writing' box at the bottom of the Users page of the admin interface. (You'll still have the basic set of formatting quicktags (link, bold, etc, etc) available.)

  2. PS: I believe that there is actually a WP plugin to make all external links open in a new window…

  3. Odd. I've never had any problem with the wysiwyg editor. What OS/browser are you using?

    Personally, I never use the target attribute – who am I to force new windows to open on someone else's computer? After all, it's their machine, not mine.

  4. The problem? You're using the RTF. Just use the sourcecode editor and click save and continue editing to look at the preview at the bottom.

    Also? Never (ever) ever use target_blanks. Really bad user interface interruption. You do that, and I want to leave your site, I close the tab you're in and go elsewhere in the new tab, you're no longer in my back memory at all.

    Let the user choose, don't force choices on people.

    I've never tried to use the RTF, so now idea if it's a you problem or a general problem. I want to see all my code thankee muchly. Especially as I always add a title attribute.

  5. Sharon – ta. Hadn't seen that one in the Users page (and foolishly assumed that if I turned it off in "Options" then, erm, it would turn off…)

    Pete / Mat – entirely agreed about the forced new window thing – but have been testing it out for professional reasons (someone I'm likely to be doing stuff for fairly soon pretty much insists on it…

    Anyway, shall now try the non-WYSIWYG entry system, and see if that works. If not, I may have to rethink my love of Wordpress…

  6. NM,

    Works fine for me. Re opening in a new window – this is very useful if you have some detailed references in a post: you have both the referenced source and the post open at the same time – often important.

    IE7 (I know, I know – we should all be on Firefox) also has a setting – which I have in force, but which I can't immediately recall – which interprets target=_blank to open in a new tab, rather than in a new window. Which is useful.