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July 30, 2009
by Nosemonkey

A bit of historical context

Two articles from the Washington Post have, over the last few days, finalised a new content idea I’ve been having for a while for this place. First up came a quick overview of the ongoing dispute between Greece and Macedonia … Continue reading

February 3, 2009
by Nosemonkey
Comments Off on And another promising new EU blog

And another promising new EU blog

This time from the editors of the European Parliament’s own website, with all sorts of hints of interesting new developments in the EU’s previously more or less dire online communications policy. From the early posts, they seem to get it … Continue reading

January 26, 2009
by Nosemonkey

Some advice for new bloggers

With the launch of the laudable Think About It EU blogging competition this past weekend (sorry I couldn’t make it, chaps, etc.), and the neat coincidence of the public launch of the rather promising cropping up at the same … Continue reading