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And another promising new EU blog

This time from the editors of the European Parliament’s own website, with all sorts of hints of interesting new developments in the EU’s previously more or less dire online communications policy. From the early posts, they seem to get it – both tone and approach are altogether different from what we’ve seen from official EU bodies to date.

All of which reminds me – an update of the EU blog directory really is long overdue, especially now that everything seems to be kicking off in the once rather tranquil and under-subscribed world of Euroblogging. I’ll naturally be going through the various new compilations (, Blogactiv’s blogroll etc.) for ones I’m missing, but suggestions of omissions are most welcome.

(As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been neglecting this place in recent months – arguably in recent years. I’m hoping that the new-found enthusiasm of others may prove to be infectious.)

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