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The new faces of Europe

Say hello to Finland’s own Lordi, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest winners.

Dear God, I love this continent sometimes…

(It was also nice seeing the people of Belarus being allowed to vote without having their faces stamped on or their families threatened with torture…)


  1. Part of me suspects that they're still just some highly elaborate stunt by Fathers 4 Justice.

  2. Part of me suspects that they are some highly elaborate stunt by the next EU Presidency. You know, dig up the corps of the EU Constitution and "Hard Rock Hallelujah"

  3. It must be depressing for you,Nosemonkey,and other po faces that the common people buy English flags in the discount stores but only multinationals and government departments fly the EU flag.
    Doesnt bode well for the project,unless you like a comtemptous elite ruling without democracy.

  4. Christ, not you again…

    Why the hell would I be bothered by your flag-related scenario? What possible reason would I have to care?

    But more to the point, keep on topic, or bugger off. Anything to say about Eurovision or Belarusian democracy? If not, this is not the place for your inane, tedious and repetitive ramblings.

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  6. Robin, I really, genuinely don't care. So enjoy being deleted until you get back on topic.

  7. If I'd had any cash at all, I'd have stuck some down on Lordi, the odds were ridiculously good considering.

    Look at the countries and voting patterns. Germany has a large Turkish minority, thus they vote en-bloc for Turkey. LAtvia and Estonia have large Russian minorities (who have some legitimate complaints about political rights), they vote en-mass for Russia.

    Most of Europe has a goth/metal/alternative "minority", who don't normally vote. Then a great piss-take band comes along and gives them a reason to. Speaking to friends Sunday, many of them voted multiple times.

    As to Belorus people getting a free vote? They voted for Russia multiple times over. Doubt they felt they had much choice in that one.

    WTF is Robin on anyway, has he actually read your posts on EU democracy? FFS grow up you imbecile.