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My precious, precious vote (etc.)

Well, after much soul-searching, reading of election materials and manifestoes, and – basically – a process of elimination based on a combination of local issues and the cut of the candidates’ various jibs, I’ve just voted (missing the deadline by only half an hour).

Because I was voting for candidates’ personal track records (as I always do) I’ve opted for the representatives of three different parties out of the four on offer. Two of which, it must be said, I had to deliberate long and hard over, as on a national level I disagree with a number of their respective parties’ central policies. But such is politics.

(Guesses as to the three lucky parties, if anyone cares, in the comments… the Conservatives, Greens, Labour and Lib Dems were the ones I had a choice between, to help you out, but bear in mind that national issues affected my vote not a jot. I’m an arse like that.)

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