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Fancy having the secret service smash down your door and shoot you repeatedly in the head?

Then why not call Tony Blair a fuckbollocking cuntknocker and threaten him with physical violence on the supposedly “live” web chat he’s apparently doing tonight?

Please note, should you submit your question for pre-approval (hardly “live”, is it, Tony?) you will be inundated with Labour party spam for the rest of your days, and the buggers will also have a record of your IP address and the like, making it very easy to track you down should you, say, take this opportunity to inform Blair that you’d like to see his stupid fucking grin splattered over the walls and ceiling after a suicide-bomb induced explosive rectal prolapse.

This is the kind of sanitised crap you’ll get out of these supposed questions from members of the public. (And by the way, I hope Eddie Izzard feels the piles of cash I hope they bunged him were worth it – the cunt’s just lost any respect I ever had for him).

The only good thing? This:

Tony Blair: “I am the Prime Minister… It doesn’t inspire confidence, I know”