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To make up for sweariness (which oddly prevents me, thanks to my office’s new web filters, from commenting on my own post in reply to the surprisingly classist anonymous Labour supporter who accused me of being a “chavista”), some genuinely good news – a truly superb Presidential candidate for 2008, one of single purpose, straight-talking, and who you can trust not to break any of his election promises. (via I forget, I’m afraid…)


  1. Ah yes – Backword Dave it was. Top stuff, as per.

  2. fantastic.

    I am already feeling the frustration of not having a blog to post that on.

  3. Fabulous site, pity it’s already out of date! Tony’s already got all the DVD players, and his heavies, once they’ve sorted out that eighty-two year-old German Labour supporter after his sneak attack on Hi-Jack Straw faltered because of a lack of weaponry, can go straight on to a demolition job on the Tory conference!
    Never fear, Tony’s here!

  4. Take it this is already old news?

  5. Quite apart from the irony of a supposed supporter of a supposed socialist party having so much disdain for the working classes, it is ironic that Mr or Ms Anonymous shows such genuinely small awareness of world events and socialism in general as to use the term “chavista”, which denotes supporters of Hugo Chavez, as a rather inept, even childish, method of making their text seem more interesting than using the now commonly accepted term “chav”.