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Terrorists: wankerish amateurs

Arrests made in Yorkshire – plus police apparently now reckon there were four bombers, perhaps brothers, perhaps British-born, and that all four died in the blasts. (Hat tip: A Logical Voice).

In other words, this could have been a small group of nutters (which could explain the piss-poor timing the bus-bomber seemed to have – they were apparently not intentionally going for a suicide attack), possibly going for a copy-cat attack, rather than being linked to any sinister international terrorist conspiracy.

Sadly, however, if these murderous morons do turn out to be British the likes of the BNP (already capitalising on the attacks in leaflets) and their ilk are bound to start stirring up yet more anti-Muslim shit.

Nice one, terrorists. Your shoddily cowardly attack has played nicely into your enemies’ hands. The BNP get to play on latent fear of Muslims, the security services and government get to call for yet more dodgy infringements of our civil liberties, and in once again choosing to go for completely innocent bystanders rather than the people with the power to actually acceed to your over-the-top demands, you prove yet again that if there’s one thing you have no concept of, it’s anything approaching religious morality. You profess to believe in Heaven. I suppose that means you also believe in Hell. I hope you’re having fun down there – I hear it’s nice this time of year.


  1. Sadly nosemonkey, the bombers do seem to have been British born, the police have confirmed it.

  2. Apologies, the police haven't confirmed that all 4 bombers were British born, all media outlets I've checked have reported that security sources have told them that the terrorists were British born.

  3. Even if they were British-born, it doesn't rule out Islamist motivations; there are a huge number of British-born Muslims. Especially around Leeds…

  4. Devil's kitchen, police appeared to be leading people to the conclusion that those responsible were, I quote "criminals" and "extremists".

    Whether or not the people responsible were actually "Al Qaeda as such, or were inspired by Al Qaeda doesn't appear to be clear at the moment.

    There have been reports in the past couple of days that the explosives were military rather than homemade in nature, and that criminal gangs from the Balkans may have had a role in the attacks.

    I guess we will all have to wait and see. One thing's for sure, criminal attacks against anyone deemed to be so called "against us" will not help matters.

  5. "If you were a young Muslim, British born, being told by a party that professes to be the party of Britain, of the nation, that you were not and never could be British, how would you feel? Would you feel included in society? Would you feel any love for your fellow countrymen? Would you even consider them your fellow countrymen?"

    Nosemonkey, surely you are not succumbing to the bigotry of low expectations?

    "Yeah, well, the BNP sucks" is very true but it is no explanation of this attack.

    Do you really think young British Muslims are incapable of knowing the BNP for the revolting and rejected minority that it is?

    So blind that they cannot see beyond it, to the very multifaith London that is coming together right now, for example?

    I might as well judge all Muslims by what the absolutely worst elements of the jihad crowd say, go out and slaughter scores of them, and then expect some kind of partial free pass from you.

    Instead, you would call me on it, rightly.

    Get your brain in gear for a shitty world :-)

  6. Mokum – naturally I didn't mean all Muslims… Very tricky, this internet thing – you have to be constantly aware of the slightest chink in the presentation of your argument, or you'll be called on it. Fun fun fun… ;)

  7. Didn't you know this before? Is this news to you? They don't share your liberal worldview. Deal with it. Sheesh.

  8. TCO, I think he *is* dealing with it, hence the ;) and the clarification of what was said earlier.

    Not sure what this has to do with one's 'worldview', though. It was just a matter of clarifying a point.

    At least Nosemonkey articulates his position on an issue. The problem with many 'liberal' bloggers is that they don't say anything worth arguing about (and let's face it, arguing is fun…). If the argument starts and stops with "Bush and/or Blair lied, and they're fascist bastards!", there isn't very much left to discuss…

  9. …to be fair, I should actually take out 'liberal' from the sentence that begins with "The problem with many 'liberal' bloggers…"

    It's hardly unique to the left. There are plenty of dreadfully boring blogs all over the political spectrum that do nothing but engage in name-calling and character bashing. :)

  10. Yeah, nose monkey is ok.

  11. Blaming Blair or Bush is too easy… Jihad players were bombing Africa and other soft targets way before the morons in the US allowed their electoral system to be perverted and let in Bush.

    What needs to be done is understand where these guys are "coming from" and remove that justification.

    If, as is widely suspected, the key driver behind the London and other atrocities is to ignite an Islamic holy war – then so be it, there is nil chance of it being successful.

    Yes, Muslims do have a part to play. After all, not all Muslims are terrorists but recently all terrorists have been Muslim (save ETA).

    Perhaps it's time that that Community cleared out the Mosques that are being used as fronts to brain wash people into killing themselves at the same time as the "west" needs to "deal with" Israel, admit it got it wrong after WWII and restore Palestinian land to Palestinians.

    Then Saudi needs reforming, Iraq needs to be turned over to Iraqis, Afghanistan to the Afghans, and on and on it goes….

    Simple solutions really….

    Alternatively – ban organised religion worldwide – today!