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Terrorists: wankerish amateurs

Arrests made in Yorkshire – plus police apparently now reckon there were four bombers, perhaps brothers, perhaps British-born, and that all four died in the blasts. (Hat tip: A Logical Voice).

In other words, this could have been a small group of nutters (which could explain the piss-poor timing the bus-bomber seemed to have – they were apparently not intentionally going for a suicide attack), possibly going for a copy-cat attack, rather than being linked to any sinister international terrorist conspiracy.

Sadly, however, if these murderous morons do turn out to be British the likes of the BNP (already capitalising on the attacks in leaflets) and their ilk are bound to start stirring up yet more anti-Muslim shit.

Nice one, terrorists. Your shoddily cowardly attack has played nicely into your enemies’ hands. The BNP get to play on latent fear of Muslims, the security services and government get to call for yet more dodgy infringements of our civil liberties, and in once again choosing to go for completely innocent bystanders rather than the people with the power to actually acceed to your over-the-top demands, you prove yet again that if there’s one thing you have no concept of, it’s anything approaching religious morality. You profess to believe in Heaven. I suppose that means you also believe in Hell. I hope you’re having fun down there – I hear it’s nice this time of year.