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A lazy weekend, can’t be arsed kind of post

I’ve been in the pub all afternoon, watching a particularly dull Brighton/Ipswitch match and getting drunk, so read some other people’s stuff.

The Sharpener is getting off to a fantastic start, which is very satisfying indeed. From the stuff that’s been posted so far it’s very hard to pick any particular highlights, because they’re all good. Which was the point of the thing in the first place. Go read all of it.

Then, if you still have time on your hands, Tim Worstall, as ever, has a selection of top-notch reading matter from his latest Britblog roundup. Good stuff all over (and as I’m featured twice in the roundup, once here, once at The Sharpener, I guess I’m twice as good as everyone else. Hurrah!)

Right: coffee, newspapers, food then sleep. Ta ta.

Oh, I’ve also had a request for a link from Alan Ray-Jones of Politics – Where Now?. Haven’t had a chance to check it much just yet, but the guy was apparently at the VE Day celebrations in London 60 years ago, so deserves a look at the very least.

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