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Plastic Politicians: Commission chaos and the destruction of the British constitution

This is genius. How better to revive the reputation of the European Commission in the eyes of a sceptical public than fashion a statue of the new Commission President out of Lego?

“To mark the many changes in Europe in 2004 and to present the newly elected members of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament in an innovative way, the exhibition �A Face for Europe� will be organised for charity at the Biblioth�que Solvay in Brussels, on 23 and 24 November, by PlasticsEurope.

The exhibition will feature the busts made from LEGO bricks of European Commission President Jos� Barroso and European Parliament President Josep Borrell”.

Fantastic. I am especially looking forward to the Lego Peter Mandelson…

But will it serve to help heal any of the rifts which have supposedly been opening between the European Parliament and the Commission? Barroso is trying to let the past be the past, but not only would it be foolish not to address the issues the Buttiglione affair raised to smooth over current tensions, it is highly likely that a similar situation may arise in the future. Why must the commissioners be an “all or nothing” affair? Why shouldn’t Parliament veto just one or two of them?

It is not a good idea for one part of European machine to be pissed off at the other. Parliament and the Commission need to work together. Could this create yet more problems? Perhaps the Lego busts will sort it all out…

Then again, we’re likely to have the same thing in Britain if the Commons forces through the Hunting Ban today against the wishes of the Lords.

I mean, who cares that the Parliament Act makes a mockery of a two chamber system, eh? Who cares that today the carefully set up checks and balances of the British parliamentary system are going to be thrown out simply so that we can stop a bunch of toffs from having their fun?

Who cares about the precedent this sets – especially for as long as the Lords remains the highest court in the land, who cares that this means that the Commons could overturn that court?

It’s a bloody travesty – we’re going to need some Lego statuettes to sort this mess out and all…