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If I were to write a post about the Ukraine situation this evening, it’d be much like this

Putin’s willy-waving shows his failure – Russia is not an attractive option. He can only win friends by force. This is a sign of weakness, not strength. Good piece, worth a read.


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  2. It is hard to compare the US to anything but a vulture. It rose on blood and misery of WWII. By making minimal effort or sacrifices it has put its dirty fingers in so many countries and it has laid brutal claim where it has none for decades. It has secured its parasitic existence by cornering world economies and enslaving them with useless paper known as dollar; as well as assassinating independent political leaders.

    The world needs to understand that this parasite lives from death and destruction to sustain its own economy. Be it by creating chaos or raiding and destroying beautiful countries around the world for resources.

    It wants to have financial monopoly. It never has good intention. Never, ever! Its intention is to print useless dollars and have the world work to sustain its miserable existence.