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Is there a plan at last?

New EU recovery plan, eh? It’s about bloody time, though some areas are likely to scare the usual suspects (emphasis mine)… “The proposals… are said to be focused on 4 main areas so far: structural reforms, a banking union, a fiscal union, and a political union. To gain a sufficient traction for these actions, they will be sold under a growth friendly umbrella rather than as austerity related measures”


  1. This talk of a “secret master plan” is a little overdramatic. From Van Rompuy’s press statement on 24 May:

    “There was general consensus that we need to strengthen the economic union to make it commensurate with the monetary union.

    “I will report in June, in close cooperation with the President of the Commission, the President of the Euro Group and the President of the European Central Bank, on the main building blocks and on a working method to achieve this objective.”

    Not very secret, then.

  2. Same one, you reckon? I was under the impression that this was something new/evolved after all the scares last week. (Then again, I *was* a bit hungover this morning, so may have misunderstood. Blame the Queen…)

  3. “a political union”

    Fine, as long was the people of the EU are allowed to vote on whether they want one. Otherwise the new country will lack legitimacy.