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The Economist’s plan for fixing the EU

Much to agree with here – an important piece worth reading in full:

“Is the euro really worth saving? Even the single currency’s diehard backers now acknowledge that it was put together badly and run worse.”


“the people who believe that countries would be better off without the euro gloss over the huge cost of getting there (see article). Even if this break-up were somehow executed flawlessly, banks and firms across the continent would topple because their domestic and foreign assets and liabilities would no longer match. A cascade of defaults and lawsuits would follow. Governments that run deficits would be forced to cut spending brutally or print cash.

“And that is the optimistic scenario.”

The solution?

“it is plainly a move towards federalism…

“we have reluctantly concluded that the nations in the euro zone must share their burdens. The logic is straightforward. The euro zone’s problem is not the debt’s size, but its fragmented structure. Taken as a whole, the stock of euro-zone public debt is 87% of GDP, compared with over 100% in America. Similarly, the banks are not too big for the continent as a whole, just for individual governments. To survive, Europe has to become more federal: the debate is how much more.”