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Missed me?

So, it’s been a while… But now I’m seriously pondering a bit more blogging action on this place. Good old Jon Worth has got the back end up to date for me, and I’ve just installed a new theme to try and rid myself of the gremlins that have been causing no end of problems for months. The site should now be tablet and mobile-friendly – but there are still a few problems in the database, so there may be some glitches here and there (the categories – to the right – are still missing their hierarchies, for example, so are a bit of a mess).

That said, I’m busy as hell in the real world, so don’t expect too many of my trademark stupidly long analytical pieces. I’m likely to be doing more short posts, linklogs, and highlighting of interesting pieces I’ve read elsewhere. There’s been a lot of good writing on the EU of late – and a lot of truly terrible writing on it as well – there’s not much point in repeating good points already made, but I’m all for highlighting the best. (And worst, most likely, knowing me…)

Anyway, I’m back. And taking requests…