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Apologies for absence…

All kinds of real-world excitement of late, including some very good news on the job front just this morning, has kept me off blogging for a bit.

However, I’ve been informed that if anyone fancied leaving comments in support of what I’ve been doing online with this blog and elsewhere over the last few years over at the EurActiv Awards site, then I’ll have a better chance of winning something or other.

And while I’m blegging support, you may also fancy putting in a positive comment or two to my suggestion to the excellent public-spirited chaps at MySociety that they develop an EU version of the invaluable democratic-accountability-boosting website TheyWorkForYou. This could do more for EU accountability than any number of actual Commission initiatives in one swoop – without any kind of public funding – and so should be in the interest of anyone who wants more EU transparency, both europhiles and eurosceptics alike.

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