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Euro elections 09: “Bring it on”?

Really? Are you really sure, when talking about anti-EU mobilisation for next year’s elections, that you want to borrow the words of President Bush, speaking about Iraqi militants attacking US troops way back in 2003? You don’t think that might be, erm… tempting fate just a little? Just a tad unfortunate, perhaps?

And so my hopes for these elections continue to diminish. I’ve yet to hear any senior UK party figures (bar the single-issue UKIP and racist maniacs in the BNP) make any mention of the things. And the likelihood of these being the first elections in which I have been entitled to vote in which I decide not to bother rises by the day.

Then again, a surge in the anti-EU / eurosceptic vote could actually be a good thing. It may just – if it is sufficiently EU-wide, and not just among the usual suspects of the UK, Denmark, and so on – finally make these idiots we’ve got running things realise that, erm… the EU needs something rather more than half-hearted publicity drives to boost turnout and more shoddy compromise treaties. It might just, if we’re lucky, make them realise that the organisation’s in the midst of a serious identity crisis – one that will take some genuinely radical changes in attitude and approach to sort out.

I doubt it, but live in hope, eh?