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Ahhh… Robert Kilroy-Silk…

Robert Kilroy-SilkRemember him? Silver-haired former daytime TV presenter (forced to quit over racist comments) turned ranting political fanatic who was so loopy even UKIP didn’t want him – so bonkers, in fact, that even the anti-EU party he founded himself, Veritas, soon decided that it didn’t want him either.

Believe it or not, he’s still an MEP. And despite being an elected official with a duty to serve his constituents, he’s also being shipped off to Australia to take part in mindless (and stupidly-punctuated) TV programme I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

His constituents shouldn’t worry too much about losing his selfless public service in Brussels and Strasbourg, however. He’s hardly known for being a hard-working politician – and still appears to have made no speeches in the parliament since October 2005… (Surely even he’s not that bad?) Though, to be fair, he has been asking an interminable series of written questions, mostly on subjects that have nothing whatsoever to do with the East Midlands, and many of them repetitive rewordings of themselves.

And hell, it’s not like he’s going to be out in the jungle getting tortured for our pleasure for long – the bookies already have him pegged as the most unpopular contestant before it’s even started, so he’s likely to be the very first “celebrity” to be voted off the show.

If only it were that easy to get rid of our politicians, eh?


  1. “so loopy even UKIP didn`t want him”
    + your titles under related posts makes one think you cant be grown up about your political opponents.
    It was a bit silly of himto criticise the Arab countries about their criminal punishments. It`s something most of us admire about the Gulf states.

  2. When I heard he was appearing on that show, the thought crossed my mind that he might get lost in the outback and we’d never see him again.

  3. Robin, I have no political opponents. I don’t care about any of my transient political opinions anywhere near enough to have opponents.

    I do, however, have contempt for some politicians – Kilroy-Silk, Hazel Blears, Bill Cash, Neil Hamilton, any number of Labour backbenchers. You may also note that all those other Kilroy posts are from several years ago, when I took a rather more infantile (and swear-word-laden) approach to blogging than I do now.

    As for admiring the “justice” of the Gulf states, really? Do you admire this, for instance? Six months in prison and 200 lashes for being kidnapped and gang-raped? (Still, I suppose it could have been worse…)

  4. I admire the Gulf states for their criminal punishment of what we (in the UK) would call criminals. That lady does not fall into that category.

    You must have some political opponents, or any other word that can describe them surely. Otherwise you would be the only political blog that agrees with everyone.Which would mean that you hold the same political views as me. (Out out Out of the EU )

    I must commend you for endeavouring to make your blog less infantile (and swear-word-laden ?!)

  5. Robin, old chum, as I’ve been trying to explain to you for years now, we actually do agree on rather more than you seem to think. The only substantive difference when it comes to the EU is that where you see the solution as the UK going it alone in the world, I see that as likely to create even more problems than remaining a member of a flawed organisation.

    In other words, we (largely) agree on the diagnosis, but disagree about the cure.

  6. Nosemonkey,

    It`s possible that we may agree on some political issues such as, um British Summer Time or a bridge to Foula island, but your blog is about the EU and therefore of great fundamental difference.And the EU has a fundamental way of intruding on our lives.
    My main objection to the EU is not that it exists or is flawed or most of the other reasons, but that Britain, because of our civil service and establishment, is totally unsuited to it.
    The local amateur dramatics society might be the best in the region, but for me, being a Philistine, it would be a waste of time and money to be in it.
    So I can seea hiatus in leaving it, but better times ahead in the long run.

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