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Bit of travel advice needed…

Hopefully some of my dear European readers may be able to help with this…

I’m going to a wedding being held just outside Lausanne in Switzerland on 14th September. Anyone got any experience of travelling there from London?

I’m trying to work out whether to go by plane or train, y’see, and can’t work out which will be most pleasant / cheapest. Lack of hassle is a major concern, plus I rather like the idea of watching the vineyards of Burgundy passing by from the comfort of a TGV. But is this overly practical? Hotel suggestions also much appreciated.



  1. Eurostar to Paris, then across to Gare de Lyon direct to Lausanne
    Whole thing will take about 7 hours but it is such a pleasure – cost me about £120 rtn in Feb, which was pretty good given those travelling for skiing to the snow

  2. If you go to you can select your country and then research your connection.

    In your case, this would be the Eurostar from London to Paris North (Eurostar); in Paris you have to change to another train station (“Lyon” train station/Gare de Lyon) where you can take the TGV to Lausanne.

    The trip will take you around 8 hours (including the transit in Paris) and as far as I could see on, it will cost you around 220 £.

  3. I usually go London City -> Geneva and then get the train from there, which is two stops (Geneva Airport, Geneva, Lausanne). Takes probably around three hours in total. London City is so much less stress than any other London airport ;). Obviously though, the view out the window isn’t as good as the train routes above, but if seven or eight hours is too long then this is a good route.

  4. ‘… I rather like the idea of watching the vineyards of Burgundy passing by from the comfort of a TGV’ Have you no soul? That close to them and you can’t take a long sojourn?

  5. I’ve not done Lausanne but frequently do Geneva.

    1) London City -> Geneva -> Lausanne will be very civilised and is sometimes not that expensive (although weekday early morning flights probably will be).

    2) Budget airlines -> Geneva -> Lausanne can be astonishingly cheap.

    3) You’ll be lucky to get the train for less than £200 (although it’s possible); the trek through Paris is marginally worse than comparable treks across London but should be OK without much luggage; and the trains will be highly civilised.

  6. Try this one for info. It’s excellent: