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On flawed online political quizzes

Unlock Democracy (an offshoot of Charter 88) are normally fairly good, nicely liberal chaps with a genuine desire to help. But I take serious, serious issue with their London Mayoroal election quiz, designed to determine which candidate you should vote for based on policy alone.

I’ve tried it twice now, and both times it’s told me to vote (in this order) for the BNP, ex-UKIP and Veritas nutter Winston McKenzie, and UKIP.

To slip briefly into the vernacular – what the fuck? I mean, seriously – no sodding way, chum.

Update: the full list, in order. At least it got Ken Livingstone’s position right… (I voted for him the last two times – thanks to a combination of liking the congestion charge and to stop Shagger Norris)

Richard Barnbrook (BNP)
Winston Mckenzie
Boris Johnson (Conservatives)
Gerrard Batten (UKIP)
Lindsey German (Left List)
Matt O’Connor (English Democrats)
Siân Berry (Green Party)
Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrats)
Alan Craig (Christian Peoples Alliance / Christian Party)
Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Actual voting intention? Boris and Brian, on a stop Ken ticket.