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“Underestimating Europe’s power is a mistake”

Just stumbled across an intriguing article in The Moscow Times (reprinted from the rather good Project Syndicate) by leading American international relations theorist (and former Carter and Clinton administration wonk) Joseph S Nye – intriguing because it’s a rare example of someone from the US taking the EU seriously. The usual response is to slag it off, claim it’s only months away from complete collapse, and point to the rise of China and India while taking the decidedly deterministic line that “Europe’s time is past”.

Or maybe I’ve just been reading too many Republican commentators.

Either way, check out the piece in full – it’s only short, and reads rather like a work in progress (has Nye got a book coming up on Europe’s place in developing international relations? I do hope so…), but raises some interesting ideas.


  1. Nye does not seem to be the only one if you read this rather more lengthy piece by Parag Khanna in the NYT.

    I thought Khanna’s point about Russia – not made by Nye – gave food for thought. He is rather pessimistic (if you look at it from a Russian perspective) about Russia’s future on the geopolitical stage. I hope he is right, at least as current developments go in that country democracy-wise.

  2. Eulogist,

    Great tip,

    The article by Parag Khanna is very good.

  3. In the UK media, debates on Europe and the European Union have not moved on in over 30 years….it feels like its trapped in a time warp, discussing if the UK should sign up with ‘Johnny Foreginer’ or not. Thing is, these dicsussions were out of date in 1975, and more at home in 1875. The world has got a lot smaller, a lot more complex, and a lot more interconnected. Glad to see other realise this, and the role that European nations and the European Union can play in harrsenssing that world.

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