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Full content RSS feed excitement!

I’m getting hammered hard for bandwidth at the moment, and despite using all kinds of plugins to prevent spambots leeching the place dry, things are still getting through. As such, I’m likely to exceed bandwidth here in the next day or so – sorry…

In other words, it’s time to cut corners a bit – dunno if this’ll do much, but I’ve now set up a Feedburner feed for this place, with full content – it can be found here.

It may make your reading experience more pleasant to boot, as I’ve begun to find it increasingly annoying having to go to the actual blog to read things – and so a number of blogs with partial-content feeds have simply dropped off the reading list. (As for blogs with no feeds at all, or feeds that don’t work with Netvibes – I’ve forgotten they even exist, I’m afraid…)

Any suggestions for Wordpress plugins other than Bad Behaviour and TanTan Noodles Simple Spam Filter that may help me cut bandwidth without having to do yet another redesign much appreciated…