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First up, a lovely interview with me and openDemocracy‘s Editor-in-Chief Tony Curzon Price, explaining what we’re trying to do, is up now at the Tomorrow’s Europe site.

And now, a handy round-up of dLiberation posts over the last few days:

How to reform Europe without asking the French – an intriguing proposal from reader Alex Burr, and not one that I’d heard before. Well worth a look.

Turkey and democratic majorities – a quick look at the perennial problem of democracy: to what extent should the majority view be followed?

The EU’s democracy problem – an interesting take on voter apathy and disillusionment in the EU, from reader “mcconeb”

The democratic risk – pondering why, despite an EU-wide desire for a referendum on the new reform treaty, most EU member states are not going to give the people a vote

The EU: More democratic than the US? – an argument I’ve made before, comparing the European Commission to the US presidency and cabinet

The problems of deliberative polls: Outcomes – Professor Arthur Lupia of the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research launches an attack on the Fishkin model of deliberative polling at the heart of the Tomorrow’s Europe poll. Part 1 of 4.

Reforming the European Parliament – EU blogger and former President of the Young European Federalists Jon Worth has a proposal to make the European Parliament more representative

The problem of public ignorance, part 1 – the first in a four-part series from me, looking at the difficulty of the public reaching informed decisions about the EU

Coming soon, Fishkin responds to Lupia as verbal fisticuffs break out in the world of academia, and Richard Corbett MEP weighs in with a sterling defence of EU democracy.

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