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EU referenda and reform

A couple of new posts from me over at dLiberation:

Jens-Peter Bonde and EU referenda, looking at the reformist take of the leading EU-sceptic Member of the European Parliament


Giuliano Amato and democratic EU reform, giving a handy overview of the unusual approach of the Italian Interior Minister (and former Vice-President of the Convention on the Future of Europe, which drafted the controversial constitution)

One Comment

  1. J Clive Matthews, for those of your readers who understand Spanish, I would like to recommend the following analysis:

    Santiago Petschen: El Mandato para el Tratado de Reforma: la consolidacíon definitiva del establishment politico de los Estados; Real Instituto Elcano, ARI No 99/2007, 19.9.2007;

    In short, Petschen describes how the political establishments of the states have hijacked the European project from its citizens after the Maastricht treaty.

    The so called Reform treaty is going to make the citizens disappear as fount of the Union’s legitimacy.

    European level democracy is going to be a long haul.

    Ralf Grahn