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Non-Tories for Boris

Following this, I think the only was I can proceed with a clear conscience is to launch this little campaign:

Non-Tories for Boris

And note that, though I am actually perfectly happy with Ken Livingstone’s time as Mayor of London – primarily for the introduction of the congestion charge – I find Boris amusing enough to lend him my support if he keeps the thing. And sorts out Metronet – preferably with a big stick, and certainly without any more government handouts. And scraps that useless The Londoner freebie propaganda newspaper thing. And cuts my Council Tax (bloody Camden…)

Oh, and he also once made me a nice cup of tea. Has Ken Livingstone ever made me a nice cup of tea? Precisely…

Sidebar-sized version of the above image below the fold – it would be appreciated if you host it yourself, though, should you want to pinch it… Requests for alternate sizes considered…

Update: Oh, this IS promising. Genuinely:

“Is there really nothing to be done to reduce the morning congestion on the streets, the profusion of lorries and cars dropping kids at school? Is there nothing that we can do to encourage more cycling and walking, when most trips are less than 2 miles?”

As someone who has five schools within five minutes walk and has to put up with the hell of idiotic parents on the school run every day (not to mention the two years when I cycled to work, narrowly avoiding death by stupid middle class woman in 4×4 every morning), fingers crossed, eh?

Non-Tories for Boris

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