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Eurovision: please, please let France win

Les Fatales Picards are a work of absolute genius. That bald guy – perfect! Sadly no cheerleaders during the live finals, but still. Fantastic stuff – they’ve single-handedly revived my interest in pop music:

Update: Actually, sod that – maybe Ukraine… Genius also (though in a rather more contrived way, for which I’ll deduct points – France still my favourites…):

Update 2: But more importantly, why the hell is the German entry all about ruling the world? Should we be getting nervous? (And unless my ears deceived me, in their appeal for votes they said something along the lines of “we conquered you…” Erm…)

Update 3: The German entry’s lyrics. It IS all about ruling the world! Or maybe Angela Merkel. I’m not sure any more…


  1. I think it must be because the lead singer bird looks exactly like my mate Jim did up until about eight years ago. Full on doppelg√ɬ§nger. (Jim’s got a better voice, though – but don’t tell him I said that, or he’ll go into one of his Aled Jones phases again…)

  2. Spot. On.