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In search of a European identity


I was a bit annoyed last year when I ended up getting lumbered with one of the first of the new “e-passport” things. Not any more – I should have had more faith in our government’s ability to cock everything up. It’s likely to break in a couple of years – huzzah! (Meanwhile, everyone else is going to have their fingerprints taken like a common criminal as from the year after next. Welcome to our brave new world…)

Still stupidly busy by the by – and if anyone can tell me why the sidebar screws up in that first link to an archive page (as it tends to do with certain parts of this template for reasons best known to itself, probably due to a misplaced /div tag in one of the php files, though Christ alone knows which one) then I’d be grateful. Otherwise I may have to do a hasty re-design when I get a moment – which probably won’t be until at least this time next week…