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A quickie / roundup

The Times’ Anatole Kaletsky’s normally worth reading, so check out his latest on Germany and the future of the EU – I’m too busy to have had a chance yet, myself. You could probably also do worse than check out DJ Nozem’s overview of the current state of Dutch politics and European Tribune’s look at the uncertain situation with the French Presidential Elections as Sarkozy starts playing the “the EU’s mean to us” card. (The EU, mean to FRANCE, of all places? He’s getting nervous…) EurozoneWatch is also good on the French presidential candidates’ attitudes towards the EU in the campaign so far…

Update: Edward Lucas on the two-speed Europe is likely worth a gander and all…

Oh, and I’ve been asked to give The Metro’s British blogging awards a plug. So I have – largely because they said nice things about me.

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