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Blair’s latest anti-liberty wheeze

A very, very small note in the Independent on Sunday:

“[tag]Tony Blair[/tag] will propose this week to change the law to allow government departments to share personal data, including people’s medical records and tax details… The Prime Minister is likely to argue that allowing personal files to be shared will speed up and simplify Whitehall decision-making.”

Well THAT’s alright, then. As long as it makes life easier for politicians and civil servants, who cares if any Sir Tom, Sir Dick or Sir Humphrey in Whitehall and Westminster can check the last time you had an STD test, what variant of MRSA you caught when having your ‘flu jab at the local hospital, or what types of cancers you’re most at risk from? If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear. Etc. Obviously.

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