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Quick note

Was working until 3:30am, so will mostly be spending this morning drinking coffee and wondering if it’s possible for eyes to turn to stone and start bleeding, as mine feel like they’re doing. I’m then going to wander off to give the little chaps a treat by going to see Pan’s Labyrinth (or El Laberinto del Fauno if you want to sound all pretentious, like…)

TLS 1st December 2006If you’re really hankering for some wonderous insights from me, head down to your local newsagent and pick up a copy of this week’s TLS – on page 25 you’ll find a review by me of Andrew Chadwick’s Internet Politics: States, citizens and new communication technologies. The review was originally written back at the end of August, but seems to have a tad bit of relevance to some of this week’s developments in terms of internet regulation, etc.

I’ll try and whack it up here at some point, once I’ve checked the copyright situation and, in the mean time, you could do worse than check out Chadwick’s companion website/blog – lots of interesting stuff.

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