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Welcome to the new look Europhobia

Cleaner, less cluttered and – when I’ve finished going through all 1,400-odd posts in the archives – much easier to access what useful info there might be on here. (Actually, the advanced search feature will probably do that for you in itself – infinitely better than Blogger’s pathetic effort – even after the Google takeover.)

I’m still trying to work out the complexities of Wordpress plugins, php and the like, so there will doubtless be a few problems on and off for the next few weeks, but still – this should work out rather better, methinks…


  1. This looks great!

    How did you get that advanced search gizmo? I’ve been wanting one of those for ages…

  2. Email link on its way to you.

    Now I’ve just realised something else I’m missing – no comment permalinks. Bugger. How to sort that out without screwing everything up again?

  3. RSS feed? Looks good, though!

  4. Ah – forgot about that. Now there.

  5. Nice. Definitely looks a lot better than blogger. Good luck putting tags on 1400 posts. Just did the same on 250 posts on blogger beta a few weeks ago.

  6. So, you have turned away from the dark side at last… I like the new look, but the side bar appears below the rest of the content on the comments page (FF2, WinXP, sp2) – a issue with the properties of the menu [div]in the style sheet?


    “Ken Says:
    Nice site ”

    …but where are the spam links that usually accompany comments like that?

  7. Ta – missed that one. I seemed to have a lot of misplaced div tags knocking about the place…

    (Ken, by the by, and despite appearances, is an old regular, judging from his email address.)

  8. Bollocks. Haven’t fixed it after all – now the sidebar’s mispositioned again, only in a slightly less inconvenient spot.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

  9. Very nice! Much less cluttered, it’s making me think that it really is about time I did something with my blog, currently stuck on blogspot and mirrored on a free WordPress account. I will be updating the link to you shortly.

  10. OK, try this…

    The style sheet seems fine, the problem is in the template, where two closing [/div] tags are misplaced, after the close-comments-post closing tag there are two other [/div] tags that should be at the end of the template, just before the closing [body] tag. Thus the #page and #frame [div]s are being prematurely closed which is screwing things up. I’ve emailed a complete working page, but you’ll need to work out which specific template files need to be changed.

  11. “Ken Says:…”

    Sorry, I missed off the smiley.

  12. Errr, both RSS links have same URL, both are for comments. Good luck with the rest, though.

  13. Whoops – fixed now, ta!