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Right-winger in favour of EU!

Via Jarndyce (yes, I know… I nearly fainted from shock…) I’ve found my first right-wing blogger in favour of staying in the EU! (Yes, I know… I nearly fainted from shock…)

It’s about bloody time one of these cropped up – there’s a surprising number of them around in the real world, where the fantasy land of a fully independent, self-sufficient Britain is seen as just as (if not more) unrealistic than a federally integrated EUtopia. By all means slag off the EU – it deserves it at least as often as not – but at least have the dignity, when positing counterfactuals, to make sure that they are vaguely plausible. (Says the man who argues for a complete reform of the EU on a multiple-tier membership system that could eventually spread out geographically to cover at least the same area as the Council of Europe, if not beyond… I know…)

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