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European Parliament welcomes the puns

According to today’s EU Politix press review, it is looking increasingly likely that the next president of the European Parliament will be the centre-right EPP group’s leader.

(Yep, that’s the same group that David Cameron promised the tories he’d pull out of. At some point. Even though practically none of the Tories’ MEPs want to leave it because it’s huge and gives them leverage to affect EU politics.)

Thanks to the EPP’s success in promoting their boy, the headlines about any prevarication or lack of progress on any issues whatsoever in the European Parliament are going to get very tedious over the 30 months he’s likely to be in office. For why? His name: Hans-Gert Pottering.

In other words, we can expect umpteen headline variations on the likes of “European Parliament Pottering Around Aimlessly” and “Harry Pottering and the International Trade Dispute of Fire” over the next couple of years.

What japes, eh? Foreigners having funny names that sound like English words that mean other things and stuff – hilarious…

(Sorry – I promised that I’d stop doing stupid posts on here, didn’t I?)

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