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Things that threaten to turn me anti-EU (part 102 in an occasional series)

The winning logo for next year’s celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome:

And in the accompanying story, the killer quote:

“The winner was named amid reports that the EU is scaling back celebration plans, fearing public ridicule.”


They really do themselves no favours, do they?

And that’s before I even attempt to start explaining the supposed costs of EU membership – which, short version, it is pretty much impossible to do without being able to put a definite figure on the benefits of membership (simple cost-benefit analysis, after all, would mean that if costs of £2000 a head lead to benefits of £3000 a head, we’re doing pretty well). Sadly, it is entirely impossible to put a firm financial figure on the benefits of EU membership, because so many aspects of the claimed benefits are entirely unknowable…

Ho hum. Back to the grindstone…