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I’ve finally got around to a mini-update of the blogroll after months of stagnation (which has left a whole raft of good bloggers like Gavin Ayling, the NHS Blog Doctor, Iain Dale and Davide Simonetti, some of whom I’ve been reading for well over a year, along with top-notch new projects from the likes of Unity and Bondwoman languishing forgotten). I blame my brief experiment with RSS feeds.

I’ve no doubt forgotten a bunch more, however, so any suggestions of people I’ve missed (as I type I’m remembering a few, in fact, like Andrew Bartlett and Murky) would be much appreciated. I know that there have been a bunch of new(ish) European blogs I’ve stumbled across in recent months, yet I’ve always failed to keep a record of them, because I’m useless. Those in particular I’d be grateful of reminders of.

(And no, no I haven’t got around to updating the topic archives again yet – and haven’t done so since January. This is because Blogger STILL doesn’t have an automated topics system, so I have to do it manually. This would now take forever – perhaps I’ll get around to it when I finally switch this blog over to a dedicated domain – a plan that’s been in the works since February but has yet to happen due to me being technologically illiterate and not understanding how website hosting works.)

And now for something less tedious – this week’s Britblog Roundup.