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I’ve finally got around to a mini-update of the blogroll after months of stagnation (which has left a whole raft of good bloggers like Gavin Ayling, the NHS Blog Doctor, Iain Dale and Davide Simonetti, some of whom I’ve been reading for well over a year, along with top-notch new projects from the likes of Unity and Bondwoman languishing forgotten). I blame my brief experiment with RSS feeds.

I’ve no doubt forgotten a bunch more, however, so any suggestions of people I’ve missed (as I type I’m remembering a few, in fact, like Andrew Bartlett and Murky) would be much appreciated. I know that there have been a bunch of new(ish) European blogs I’ve stumbled across in recent months, yet I’ve always failed to keep a record of them, because I’m useless. Those in particular I’d be grateful of reminders of.

(And no, no I haven’t got around to updating the topic archives again yet – and haven’t done so since January. This is because Blogger STILL doesn’t have an automated topics system, so I have to do it manually. This would now take forever – perhaps I’ll get around to it when I finally switch this blog over to a dedicated domain – a plan that’s been in the works since February but has yet to happen due to me being technologically illiterate and not understanding how website hosting works.)

And now for something less tedious – this week’s Britblog Roundup.


  1. Hmmm…

    Cranmer is still not in Nosemonkey's radar.

    The Archbishop is worth a visit (in his humble opinion).

  2. Go on then – although I'm still not entirely convinced that your opinions and those of your chosen avatar are quite as in line as you might suppose. In my humble opinon, Archbishop Laud might have been more suitable…

  3. Have you actually managed to work out how to use feeds yet?

    Admittedly I do a mixture of feedreading from LJ, Bloglines, Netvibes and then just clicking links on my blogroll, but things like live bookmarks and feeds are very usful once you've got them going.

  4. I tested out Netvibes for a while, but ended up getting pissed off at having umpteen hundred unread posts every time I started the thing up. I prefer the old-fashioned method of clicking links and seeing if anything's new – the only trouble is it's very hard to discover (and remember) good new blogs that way. Hence my abject failure on the updating the blogroll front – I'm sure I'm still missing loads (plus I really ought to prune more of the dead ones).

  5. Thanks for the link, Clive. However, anyone linking through might reach the conclusion that Blogging about EU Law and Politics is dead. As a dodo. Actually, it will arise again probably in September, for reasons which are entirely related to the routine of the academic year.

  6. Thought it might be – will keep the link for now though, if only on the off-chance it inspires you to do a bit more blogging. There's precious few people in blogland who actually know their stuff when it comes to the EU, after all (and I would be exceptionally hesitant to include myself among their number most of the time).

  7. I'm still not entirely convinced that your opinions and those of your chosen avatar are quite as in line as you might suppose.


    I'm sure I have far more in common with my avatar than you have with yours…

  8. I dunno – I may not be an endangered species, but I do have a fairly large nose, sometimes get a bloated stomach and have been known to produce large quantities of wind…