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Weekend reading, shamelessly lifted wholesale from the always superb Political Theory Daily Review – as much to remind me to read them later as anything. (Warning: last few links are to .pdf files):

Charles Kupchan, author of The End of the American Era, has long been a courageous advocate for Europe. Now that he is changing his mind. And a new issue of Europe’s World is out, including a look at why religion is the wild card in transatlantic relations; an article on how things turned nasty for the nice guys of the OSCE; articles on scenarios for escaping the constitutional impasse, treating Europe’s Ills, diagnosis and prescription, and six priorities for tackling the EU crisis; and a section on Views from the Capitals.


  1. Ooh. Haven't seen that site before. The news round up is quite nice as well. I might consider setting that as a home page.

    Lots of reading there though…

  2. I'm surprised you didn't comment on van Ordure's piece on the tories and the EPP. Rather worrying, I would have thought, the invocation of churchill and 1940…I think I might write about it.