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So, about those libel laws…

Seeing someone arrive at this blog (at least, while Blogger was working) via Cafe Babel was rather nice, at first. It’s a decent site with regularly interesting content – nice to be noticed by them at last. Or so I thought.

As it is, in an article on the European blogosphere I find myself viciously libelled as “Eurosceptic” and “a declared anti-European”.

Then again, considering that according to the article I started this blog a year ago (try three – with continuous daily blogging for the last 20 months solid), and came 156th in the 2005 British Weblog Awards (try 12th in the UK section of the 2005 Weblog Awards), so maybe I shouldn’t take anything the article says too seriously. Especially as it states that “On average, about 40 people per entry vent their Euro-frustration on Margot Wallstrom’s blog” – the figure is nearer 100… (I’ll forgive them for thinking that my surname is Matthews, as everybody does – including the TLS, judging by my last piece in there.)

Still, is this seriously the level of research these things require? The only other blog, beyond me and Margot, to get a mention is the Brussels Journal – if you want good examples of EU-sceptic blogs what about EU Referendum, EurSoc or our man Worstall (who also has something to say about this)? All of them have been going longer than me, and are ACTUALLY EU-sceptic. And where’s the mention for A Fistful of Euros or European Tribune to balance it out a bit?

Admittedly, the Anglophone Euroblogosphere is heavily weighted towards frustrated Brits ranting about Brussels being bollocks, but what about the Frrancophone blogs, which did so much to raise the debate in the run-up to last year’s referendum? How about a mention for the likes of Netlex, Publius, Ceteris Paribus or Versac? And that’s before you even get started on blogs in languages I can’t read. This is especially bizarre as the article appears to have originally been written in German.

Note to Cafe Babel: if you want an article on EU blogs written by someone who knows what they’re talking about, I can offer relatively competitive rates. In the meantime, I may get in touch and ask for a retraction…