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I am insanely busy

Luckily, Justin has said most of what I wanted to.

Normal service should hopefully resume at some point. Meanwhile, can anyone provide me with a comprehensive list of the contracts Capita’s received – public and private – over the last decade?

Oh, and had anyone else spotted the company’s recent gearing up to bid for the ID cards contract?

“Simon Lloyd, Operations Director at Home and Legacy, said: ‘Identity theft is a particularly frustrating crime because it�s growing so rapidly and is difficult to resolve if you don�t have robust systems in place. Capita has developed a unique market solution that is innovative and very efficient and we are delighted to offer this service to our customers.'”

That could have come straight out of the mouth of a Labour minister offering yet more “justification” for the ID cards scheme based on little more than assertion… Ho-hum.

Main Capita post below.

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