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To make up for lack of content for the last couple of days, content about which you couldn’t care less – it’s meme time! (Blame this man)

Four jobs I�ve had

  • Intern in the European Commission’s Information Department (while I hated the EU)
  • Researcher to an MP at the House of Commons
  • Handing out chocolate Easter Eggs while dressed as a giant chicken
  • Staff Writer / Sub-editor on a glossy travel/history magazine with pretty pictures and stuff

Four movies I can watch over and over

  • Anything by Sergio Leone (even The Colossus of Rhodes)
  • Evil Dead III (aka Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead, aka Bruce Campbell Vs. The Army of Darkness)
  • Citizen Kane (boring answer, but true)
  • Scarface (the Stone/de Palma/Pacino remake)

Four places I�ve lived

  • Bloomsbury, London (too many students and tourists)
  • Camden Town, London (too many students and tourists)
  • Eastbourne, East Sussex (too many old people and tourists)
  • Sherborne, Dorset (too many schoolkids and tourists)

Four tv shows I like

  • The West Wing (naturally…)
  • Deadwood (purely for Lovejoy swearing)
  • My Name Is Earl (when I remember to watch it)
  • The Mighty Boosh (likewise, when I remember to watch it)

But the only programmes I regularly watch on TV these days are the 10 O’clock News and Newsnight. Largely because my reception’s so bad, and I can’t afford cable…

Four places I�ve vacationed

  • Nikko (beautiful)
  • Paris (tasty)
  • Tokyo (aces)
  • Vancouver (also tasty)

Four of my favourite dishes

  • Roast beef with all the trimmings (naturally)
  • The full-on traditional Japanese food overload you get in traditional Ryokans
  • Pie (All sorts – fish, steak and kidney, game, apple, cherry, anything and everything)
  • Properly-cooked, nicely garlicy escargots

Four sites I visit daily

Hardly very revealing or original, that… But they’re probably my only regular dailies (bar a few blogs whose owners need no more ego boosts)

Four books I�ve read this year

  • Peter Ackroyd – First Light (restrained, mournful, less complex than his usual stuff, different)
  • Christopher Booker – The Seven Basic Plots (long-winded in places, and a fair few inaccuracies scattered about, but the basic case is well made and the book as a whole intriguing)
  • Boris Johnson – The Dream of Rome (typically readable and entertaining – not so sure about his arguments though)
  • John Stuart Mill – On Liberty and other essays (good collection, that)

(I’m assuming since 1st January, or there’d be a more interesting range)

Four bloggers I�m going to tag with this

I’m not that cruel