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An EU tax? Yeah, right…

You’d never guess that Austria’s more eurosceptic than the UK the way this EU presidency’s going. First we had the revival of the constitution, now we’ve got proposals for an EU tax, a barkingly superstatist idea that crops up every now and again before traditionally being shot down in flames.

Chancellor Schuessel – correctly – told the European Parliament that “Europe needs a strong way of financing itself”; he knows full well, however, that it is never going to happen through taxation as long as the UK is a member.

Never mind the arguments in favour of such an approach (after all, it could well help to increase transparancy and leave less budget flexibility for the notoriously weak EU accountants to “misplace” dosh with, plus would make it clear to each EU citizen precisely how little the EU actually costs them while getting rid of the constant disputes over who should pay what, rebates and the like) – it simply is not an option at this time, as such a move would require unanimity from all member states, and no British government (or, probably, Danish for that matter) would risk it. Even if dear old Tony “This lady IS for turning” Blair tried to give in and accept an EU tax, there’s no way in hell Gordon Brown would let him.

So why all the shit-stirring? What is Schuessel up to?