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In search of a European identity


The European Parliament is set to vote on what to do with the constitution tomorrow – but is this just putting the cart before the horse? As national parliaments begin to work together and MEPs try to work out the way forward, cross-border political discussion and co-operation is taking place up top. But what about the rest of the European public sphere?

“in the absence of a common identity, there is no true and sustainable European community. And any such common identity is vitally dependent on the existence of a pan-European public space. A European public space would be a realm in which transnational values and principles – or transnational practices if you will – can be defined, shaped and reshaped, and in which supranational political institutions can gain legitimacy.”

An interesting series of articles from Eurozine are linked down the side of that article, providing a handy overview of this ongoing debate over the possibility of a truly EU-wide demos and identity, as the Austrian EU presidency kcks off its campaign to get the continent discussing precisely what it is that we all want.

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