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Possible career move for Gordon Brown?

Heh – via a friendly French reader, Le Monde ponders why, as Gordon may have to wait a while longer to become Prime Minister, doesn’t he go off and save France, Germany and Italy from their disastrous heads of state in the mean time? (Very rapid translation):

“The chancellor is the only person able finally to give Germany the macroeconomic policy which it needs, the only person who can finally bring to France a governmental line which is not solely dictated by the preoccupation with ‘communication’, and the only person capable of formulating a vision for Italy which is not short-term. Mr. Brown, last but not least, could, as a single Prime Minister for the three countries, coordinate their economic policies which are today far too separate, too national and uncooperative…

“England has two great talented politicians that may be part of the solution [to our problems] : Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. That’s one too many. Rather than letting them fighting each other, it would be better for Her Majesty to lend us one. The only problem with the Scotsman Brown is that he never smiles. He’s not funny. Good. That would make a change from our jokers.”

Could this be an option now that there are increasing numbers of column inches devoted to slagging off and doubting our Chancellor’s abilities? Heh…