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I am indeed off to Japan at the end of the week. As such, after Friday this place may slow down for a few weeks, as I shall be otherwise engaged and, although I will doubtless be inundated with interwebnet technology in the heart of Tokyo, I won’t have too much time to piss around hunting down interesting news-based thingies to send me off on a rant.

If you get bored, why not help out with a new Worstall project which could be good – the Wikablog? There’s no Europhobia page yet (hint, hint)…

Service shall be just about as normal this week, assuming I can get NatWest to DO THEIR SODDING JOB PROPERLY and sort out all the stuff I need, and that I can hit the deadlines I’ve got today and tomorrow in the real world.

/tedious, irrelevant nonsense

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